Enhance your AMR’s performance with accessories and applications

If you are looking for accessories, applications or top modules that will help you perform specific tasks efficiently, then you need look no further! The MiR robots are open platforms with a functionality that can be supported with standard or customized AMR accessories.

MiR develops applications in-house for out-of-the-box solutions, but the MiR robots also complement applications developed by 3rd parties.


Get the top module you need

MiR robots can be equipped with different top modules developed by MiR - such as shelves, lifts that pick up and transport pallets, and the MiR Hook that tows carts. With these products you get a full solution that is CE marked, provided by MiR and that is ready for a fast, intuitive deployment .


Support performance with accessories

Ensure consistent high performance from your fleet of AMRs with accessories from MiR. We offer several solutions like our fully automated charging station, and the MiR Fleet to manage your robot traffic.


Explore MiRGo for complete solutions

MiR robots are open platforms, and it’s easy to develop and integrate customized solutions like shelves, conveyor bands, and robot arms. This means that you can customize each robot to fit your individual needs, ranging from safe transportation of small parts to large products. With MiRGo we present applications made by 3rd parties that are ready to go. Take a look at the possibilities and get contact details for the MiRGo partners.