Internal transportation and material handling play a fundamental part in logistics success. The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR can smoothly optimize these workflows. The highly adaptable mobile robots can be deployed and redeployed in hours, and move anything from smaller parts to heavy loads and pallets. Regardless of location - production plants, warehouses, distribution centers or healthcare sector venues – the MiR robots always work safely alongside people. 

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However, you need more than just an AMR platform. MiR offers a wide range of add-ons for its robots, as well as extra services that make your purchase decision and the integration of our logistics solutions as easy as possible. Get an overview of our solutions here:

  • Mobile robots: MiR offers the widest range of AMRs on the market.
  • Applications: MiR offers different add-ons as out-of-the-box solutions. These can be used for robot customization via our eco-system of 3rd party manufacturers, MiRGo
  • Service concept: MiR PROservice proactively helps users increase efficiency through a service set up.
  • MiRFinance: Learn about our leasing model and calculate your ROI or the leasing price of a MiR robot. 


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