Optimized AMR Safety

Optimize your workplace safety


Safety is the main feature for collaborative and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that work alongside humans, often in highly dynamic environments. 

Workplace safety is a concern for most manufacturers throughout industries worldwide. In fact, 72% of manufacturers says collisions and other shop floor accidents were either a very challenging or challenging business issue in a new report. AMRs can in many cases be the solution to optimize workplace safety and productivity at the same time, as these robots autonomously navigate around people and other obstacles on their path while calculating the best route to their target.


Learn more about shop floor safety and how AMRs can contribute to a safer work environment. 

Hitachi optimizes safety with mobile robots 

The multinational manufacturer of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning products, Hitachi has deployed a MiR200 mobile robot in its Barcelona plant to deliver parts and materials to one of its newest production lines and pick up packaging materials for disposal. The mobile robot has optimized the internal transportation of goods significantly by driving up to 12 km per shifts. On its route, the MiR200 meets many obstacles and it shares work space with its human colleagues. This is not an issue for the collaborative mobile robot that safely navigate around people and obstacles. Actually, Hitachi has improved the workplace safety after introducing the MiR200 which now drives in the narrow aisles instead of forklifts. "It avoids the need for movement of forklifts up and down the aisles of the production area, thereby not only optimizing the line’s productivity but also making the factory floor a safer place for all" said Raúl Galan, Section Manager in the Production Engineering department of the plant.