Security Advisories

Keeping your AMRs secure is a continuous process which extends throughout the life cycle of the robots. As your supplier, MiR responsibly informs you about known security concerns and recommended mitigative actions.

On this page we publish advisories regarding known issues relating to Product Security. Please read them carefully to fully understand the possible risks and recommended mitigative actions.

Mobile Industrial Robots A/S expressly disclaims liability for any and all damages or injuries caused as a result of customer’s failure to operate the robot in strict compliance with the User Manuals, follow and implement the recommendations in the Security Advisories below.


Advisory# Subject Risk Last modified
14 CVE-2020-10280 Medium 25/05/2021
13 CVE-2020-10279 High 25/05/2021
12 CVE-2020-10278 Medium 25/05/2021
11 CVE-2020-10277 Medium 25/05/2021
10 CVE-2020-10276 Critical 25/05/2021
9 CVE-2020-10275 High 25/05/2021
8 CVE-2020-10274 High 25/05/2021
7 CVE-2020-10273 Low 25/05/2021
6 CVE-2020-10272 High 25/05/2021
5 CVE-2020-10271 High 25/05/2021
4 CVE-2020-10270 High 25/05/2021
3 CVE-2020-10269 Critical 25/05/2021
2 CVE-2017-18255 Medium 25/05/2021
1 CVE-2017-7184 Medium 25/05/2021