MiR Virtual Roundtable - Robotic Top Modules & Software

Want to learn about robotic top modules, software as well as their added value? Join our virtual event.
This time MiR Virtual Roundtable brings together four presenters - EPL Mecatrónica & Robótica, Nord Modules, Palomat and Bridge Robotics.

Olivier Pommares (Sales Manager France for Mobile Industrial Robots) will present these companies and walk you through MiR products and history.
This virtual roundtable will be in English.

THURSDAY 7th MAY 2020 – 11:00-12:00 CEST

Company Profiles:

  • EPL - Mecatrónica & Robótica supplies equipment and industrial solutions of robotics and automation.
  • Nord Modules produces flexible material-moving modules developed and designed for the mobile robots of MiR - connecting the mobile robots with production lines and internal logistics.
  • Palomat develops and manufactures pallet machines/ pallet dispensers that create order and efficiency in work environments where pallets are handled.
  • Bridge Robotics are experts in robotics software for fleet management, creating powerful and intuitive solutions to help you truly understand and get the very best from your mobile and collaborative robots.


  • MiR Introduction – 10 minutes
  • EPL presentation – 10 minutes
  • Nord Modules presentation – 10 minutes
  • Palomat presentation – 10 minutes
  • Bridge Robotics – 10 minutes
  • Q & A – 10 minutes