MiR Virtual Roundtable 2 - Robotic Equipment and Platforms

Want to learn about robotic equipment, platforms as well as their added value? Join our webinar.
This time MiR Virtual Roundtable brings together five presenters - Leanproducts, ROEQ, Sysaxes, MTS, AGV MultiConnect.

Olivier Pommares (Sales Manager France for Mobile Industrial Robots) will present these companies and walk you through MiR products and history.

THURSDAY 14th MAY 2020 – 11:00-12:00 CEST

Company Profiles:

  • Leanproducts researches, selects and develops a wide range of components and systems which are fundamental for practical implementation of lean principles.
  • ROEQ develops and engineers new and exciting robotic equipment to enhance and streamline the functionality of the MiR robots in industries around the world.
  • Sysaxes is specialized in collaborative robotics and markets in particular MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) and Universal Robots products..
  • MTS are specialists in intralogistics, automation, ultrasound and industrial cold solutions..
  • AGV MultiConnect is a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to utilize communication channels to SAP and OPC UA simultaneously.


  • MiR introduction presentation – 8 minutes
  • Leanproducts presentation – 8 minutes
  • ROEQ presentation – 8 minutes
  • Sysaxes presentation – 8 minutes
  • MTS presentation – 8 minutes
  • AGV MultiConnect presentation - 8 minutes
  • Q & A – 12 minutes