The MiR600 is a stronger and safer AMR. The MiR600 is compliant with the highest available robot standards making it superior to other AMRs on the market.

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Safe and efficient maneuvering

The collaborative MiR600 safely maneuvers around people and physical obstacles. With its advanced technology and sophisticated software, the robot autonomously navigates to find the most efficient path to its destination. When it meets obstacles, it will automatically re-route to avoid costly lags in logistics processes.

MiR600 is equipped with the latest laser-scanning technology that delivers a 360-degree visual for optimal safety. 3D cameras have a range of 30-2,000 mm above floor level to detect pallets.

Optimize pallet transportation without changing facility layout

With the MiR600 Pallet Lift, the MiR600 picks up, transports and unloads pallets autonomously, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks. There is no need to change the facility layout when operating the MiR600 as the function of wires, magnets or QR codes is replaced by sophisticated navigation software. Simply download CAD files of the facility to the robot or use its laser scanners to create a map - thats all it takes to ensure a fast and cost-efficient implementation.

A robust robot for the industry

The MiR600 is the first IP52 rated AMR on the market together with MiRs other heavy duty robots, the very powerful MiR1350. With increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids the mobile robot can be used in more environments, it can e.g. drive close to open gates or other places where it is exposed to waterdrops and dirt. 

Highly user friendly and flexible

The user-friendly MiR600 gives you full control of the robot from the very start. MiR600 is controlled with the intuitive MiR Robot Interface via smartphone, tablet or PC, and can be programmed without any prior experience. The robot can also be integrated into your ERP system for a fully automated solution.

With the ability to quickly and easily integrate different top modules, the MiR600 can be equipped with pallet forks, conveyors, a robot arm or other options to support a wide range of applications.

Want to see the MiR robots in action at your facility?

Our distributors are ready to give you an onsite demo.

How replacing forklifts with robots increases safety

If you are looking to reduce workplace injuries, the latest autonomous technology could be key.

  • High payload enabling transportation of pallets and heavy goods
  • Robust design ensures a long lifetime and easy serviceability
  • Designed based on present safety standards - ISO3691-4
  • Navigates smoothly and efficiently in dynamic environments
  • IP52 - improved ability to withstand dust and fluids

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  • MiR EU Pallet Lift 600 TM

    Automate your internal transport of pallets

    Learn more
  • MiR Pallet Lift 600 TM

    Optimize your transportation of pallets and heavy loads with the MiR 600 Pallet Lift TM.

    Learn more
  • MiR Shelf Lift TM

    Optimize your internal transportation of heavy loads with the MiR Shelf Lift TM.

    Learn more
  • MiR Charge 48V

    Fully automatic charging station keeps your MiR250, MiR500 and MiR1000 mobile robots powered and on the job.

    Learn more
  • MiR AI Camera

    Strategically places MiR AI cameras to improve your robot workflow and driving behavior

    Learn more
  • MiR EU Pallet Rack

    Place and pick up your pallets autonomously on the MiR EU Pallet Rack

    Learn more
  • MiR Pallet Rack

    Place and pick up your pallets autonomously on the MiR Pallet Rack

    Learn more

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