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    Developed by Sorion Electronics, Fleetware is a management and analytics software suited for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can be easily implemented into production and logistics processes.

    The software integrates with WMS/ERP systems to receive and supply order data and then manages the missions by logistic priority.


    • Dynamic assignment of missions by logistic priority
    • Simple, modular robot missions
    • Test the environment prior to installation of physical robots via the Simulation Tool
    • Robot monitoring and analytics via EMA for Fleetware
    • Can be utilised with Sorion’s Sextans process control application to provide a complete guided assembly process solution


    • Central configuration and monitoring of the fleet of robots
    • Product tracking
    • Elimination of bottlenecks via performance data


    • Just in time manufacturing environments
    • Transport of WIP goods between individual production stages
    • Sequenced parts kitting


    Company description

    Sorion has 30 years of experience in implementing process control and electrical test technologies in production environments.

    Pioneers in the field of what is now called Industry 4.0, Sorion's end-to-end assembly, test and reporting solutions are helping manufacturers across the globe to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and remain competitive in the world of smart factories.

    Sorion provide solutions for:

    • Assembly Line Process Control and Operator Guidance
    • End of Line Test Systems
    • Quality and Traceability Reporting
    • Machine Monitoring and OEE reporting
    • Electronics Product Design and Development
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Freeth Street, Magreal Industrial Estate, Birmingham, B16 0QZ United Kingdom

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Kevin Dodson

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0121 454 8966

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