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    The smarter way to optimise your robot fleet.

    RobotOps Analytics is a powerful analytics tool, giving you greater oversight of the robots in your operations. RobotOps Analytics provides a simple, clear and fast way to monitor and identify gaps in performance to make improvements that increase productivity.  

    Why use RobotOps Analytics with your fleet?

    RobotOps Analytics arms you with unrivalled insights into the performance of your robot fleet, helping you better identify and resolve weaknesses in your operations.

    RobotOps Analytics can help you:

    • Identify unnecessary latency periods
    • Detect and resolve operational bottlenecks
    • Optimise your production cycles
    • Improve overall efficiency and productivity
    • Maximise return on investment of your fleet


    How does RobotOps Analytics work?

    This simple and fast web-based solution is specially designed to monitor, collect and interpret the performance of collaborative and mobile robots. Performance features include utilisation rates that allow you to track inefficiencies over time; task failure rates that track tasks completed vs. tasks failed; and distance travelled.

    • Track and monitor your fleet in real time
    • View insights via a user-friendly dashboard
    • Analyse historical data for trends
    • Download data via reports
    • Access from multiple devices
    • Install and integrate without the need for training


    Available deployment options:

    • Standard Edition: All software pre-installed on an industrial-grade small device, ready to connect to your fleet
    • Server Edition: Ready to deploy on your own server, no additional hardware required
    • Desktop Edition: Ready to deploy on your own Windows PC, no additional hardware required


    Company Description

    Bridge Robotics are experts in robotics software for fleet management, creating powerful and intuitive solutions to help you truly understand and get the very best from your mobile and collaborative robots.

    Whether you’re operating a small or large robot fleet, working with collaborative or mobile robots, operating in manufacturing, logistics or any other industry using robotics, our software solutions are perfect for your operations.

    Bridge Robotics’ intelligent management software solutions ensure you can easily analyse and optimise your fleet. This will ultimately help you get your robots working better, smarter and harder and maximise your return on investment.  

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Bridge Robotics Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB United Kingdom

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Tiago Costa

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+44 (0)121 368 0480

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