MiR Safety and Certifications

MiR Safety System

For MiR it is crucial to have a safe robot that can navigate in a changing, dynamic environment and collaborate with humans. We use safety laser scanners, safety PLCs and safety relays to feed data into our planning algorithm, so our robots can recognize obstacles out up to 50 feet and plan to go around them, or make a safe stop to not bump into or hurt someone.

Our safety system contains:

  • SICK safety scanners S300
    • ISO/EN 13849
    • Category 3, Performance Level D
  • 2 Scanners (S300) - 360 degrees coverage
  • Dual channel encoders on each wheel
  • Speed measurement
  • Feedback to S300
  • SICK Safety PLC and relays
    • Cuts power to motors
  • Conform to the EU Standard EN1525


Our Certificates

MiR200 is certified to be used in Cleanrooms. Find the Cleanroom Certificate here.

MiR200 has ESD certification. Find the Certificate here.