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    The Roll Gate RG150 merges with the TM150 installed on the mobile robot MiR100 or MiR200 to load and unload objects, connecting the mobile robot with production lines and storage systems.

    The gate can be accessed by the mobile robot at a 90-degree angle. An integrated motor creates a fully automated gate with rolls that can receive and deliver objects sideways. This premium solution takes automation of internal logistics to a higher level.

    All modules offered by Nord Modules are available in either the FLEX or the BASIC series. This 5-finger FLEX series offers maximum flexibility, making it ideal for customers to handle many different load sizes within their production or logistics environment and merges with the TM150.

    Your key benefits:

    • Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with our TM150
    • The robust design of the module opens up the possibility of mounting smaller collaborative robots.
    • Full automation of the production flow with easy control of motorized rolls
    • Simple integration - designed to load and unload on production lines at a 90-degree angle
    • Reliable and cost-efficient connection of the mobile robots MiR100 and MiR200 with production lines and storage systems.
    • Optimization internal logistics receiving heavy payloads of up to 153 kg / 338 lbs, freeing staff from handling heavy items.

    Gate dimensions (LWH):

    Drop off & pick up area:

    Handling capacity:



    1150 x 866 x 545 mm

    45″ x 34″ x 21″

    800 x 600 mm
    31″ x 24″

    MiR100: 53kg/117lbs MiR200: 150 kg/338 lbs

    RAL 7035

    FLEX (5 fingers – suitable for TM150)


    Company Description

    We at Nord Modules, founded by MiR co-founder Bruno Hansen, produce flexible material-moving modules developed and designed for the mobile robots of MiR - connecting the mobile robots with production lines and internal logistics. With our robust solutions in industrial quality we extend the functionality of mobile industrial robots, taking automation to a higher level. Our safe and ready to use products enhance heavy payload transportation between production lines and storage systems.       
    Our standard modules fit into most companies and help reducing repetitive work, freeing staff for more value-creating tasks. With a continuously growing global distribution network our support is just around the corner, ready to help automating production. Our product offerings range from applications and modules for the MiR100 and 200, to applications for the MiR500 and 1000 - enabling the mobile robots to pick-up and drop-off items or full pallets.

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