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    The R150 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and health care facilities.
    The unit is made as a base and can be used with a standard rack attached or as a base for a customized application. 
    A MiR100™/MiR200™ will align the R150 Rack Base with its destination, which secures precision and stability in any work environment. 

    Company Description

    ROEQ is short for ‘Robotic Equipment’ and our mission is to handle ‘simple’ internal transportation by implementing logistical automation and thereby redeploy human resources to more valuable tasks. We are located in Denmark on the island of Fyn in a small municipality where we use local suppliers. Our products are fast to implement, increase yield, capacity, precision, flexibility and last but not least our products are safe and reliable. With more than 50 distributors around the world, let us show you how we can move your business.

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    • Rack RB150

      5 Nov 2018