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  • The Pallet Transfer unit enables the MiR500 to fetch and deliver pallets to and from the customers own transport conveyor system or the MiR500 Roller Station.
    When MiR500 has delivered a pallet at the Pallet Transfer unit, the pallet is transported to the customers own transport conveyor or to the MiR500 Roller Station.
    When MiR500 Pallet Transfer is build with MiR500 Roller Station, it allows the unit to work as a buffer station between the warehouse employee and the MiR robot.


    MiR500 Roller Station

    This top module functions as the employees' buffer at the warehouse.
    It is designed in smaller modules which allows the customer to decide the length of the roller conveyor. MiR500 Roller Station fits the MiR500 Pallet Transfer unit which also operates the module.
    The top module is designed as Plug and Play, and allows the customer to build buffer lanes with up to 4 modules.


    Specifications MiR500 Pallet Transfer:

    • Height: 410mm/16inch
    • Width: 1390mm/55inch
    • Payload: 1000kg/2.204lbs

    Specifications MiR500 Roller Station:

    • Height: 1570mm/62inch
    • Width: 910mm/36inch
    • Payload: 500kg/1102lbs
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