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    The MiR Shelf Anchoring Device serves as a useful tool for applications that require heavy loads transportation, its controller senses if the payload has exceeded the weight at which the MIR could skid and automatically distributes the load to the robot decreasing possible skid issues. The device works under the shelf principle of MIR robots been very flexible and cost-effective for production and warehouse processes.


    Technical Details

    Maximum payload MiR100 250 Kg.

    Maximum payload MIR200 300 Kg.

    Durable and hygienic construction.

    Minor maintenance needed.

    Lightweight design.

    Competitive price.


    Company Description

    At Datatechnic we are specialists in automation and industrial robotics, our team of engineers has the experience and certifications that allow us to develop top modules for Mobile Industrial Robots. Our competitive price and designs have been sold in America and Europe targeting a wide variety of industries helping distributors and end users make faster and more efficient applications.





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