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  • The MiR Pallet Transfer Module can
    fetch and deliver MiR Transfer Base
    Pallet to the Pallet Station for
    storage or to the Pallet Fixation unit
    for robotic handling. On the Pallet
    Fixation module, it is possible to
    mount fixation that fits the
    customer's subjects.

    Payload: 125kg/275lbs
    Power supply: 24V from MiR
    Internal PLC structure


    1) Transfer Base Pallet

    The Transfer Base Pallet works with the Pallet
    Transfer Module. It is designed to mount
    Magazines and such like fixations, fitted to the
    customers needs.

    Lenght: 980mm/38.58 inch.
    Width: 650mm/25.59 inch.
    Thickness: 10mm/0.93 inch.

    2) Pallet Station

    The MiR Pallet Station is a depository for MiR
    Transfer Base Pallet. The MiR robot can
    automatically place and pick up the Transfer
    Base Plate from the Pallet station.

    No connection to controls, electricity or air is
    needed for the MiR Pallet Station.

    3) Pallet Fixation Unit

    This top module can receive the MiR Base
    Pallet from the Pallet Transfer Module. It is
    intended for set-up by a robot that requires a
    precise placement of the Base Pallet.

    Precision: < 1mm/0.93 inch.
    Connect to steering

    Company Description

    BiLA A/S is a professional Danish project company established in 1988. We provide assistance to our customers in production optimization by means of automation solutions, usually by industrial robots. We have been the sole distributor of the Kawasaki brand of robots in Scandinavia since 1998. Our solutions cover everything, from simple automation to optimization of full production lines, and our service technicians travel all over the world to service the supplied installations. This always ensures effective service of the supplied installation at the highest level wherever in the world you may be.

    BiLA Svendborg A/S is a subsidiary to BILA A/S. We develop and construct solutions within automation for industrial companies, typically with the use of robot technology. Furthermore, we supply our customers with service, support and spare parts for industrial robots such as UR, MiR and Kawasaki among others.

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