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    The ER200 is used in fully or partly automated production environments which demand enhanced flexibility and fast integration.

    The ER200 is developed in respect of maximum mobility.

    The ER5 series from EasyRobotics, is a series of mobile cobot platforms  APP (steel only)developed to maximize mobility and flexibility in robotic automation, and the ER200 can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5 and MIR100 and 200.

    ER200 is a solid, mobile and compact working station to be mointed and integrated onto MIR Robots, enhancing the collaboration between UR and MIR Robot advantages

    Company Description

    Per Lachenmeier and Anders Kjempff are the people behind EasyRobotics. Together they have more than 40 years of experience in designing, developing and producing advanced machines for industrial applications. EasyRobotics develops and produce mobile and compact automated robot cells that can be mounted with a collaborative robot. For Mobile and stationary applications. At EasyRobotics all parts as well as software is developed from a blank sheet of paper, which means we have full insight into our product design as well as a clear understanding of building robot cells of tomorrow. If you want the very best of your robot please contact EasyRobotics. We are present in more than 35 countries through +70 dedicated partners.

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