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    Monitor And Analyse The Performance Of Your Robots

    Make the most of your robots in no time!

    Find gaps in the performance of your robots and improve their productivity:

    • Monitor your robot operations in real-time
    • Measure your KPIs
    • Analyse historical data
    • Detect operation bottlenecks
    • Optimise your robot cycles
    • Accelerate your ROI


    Company description

    Bridge Robotics help manufacturing and warehousing businesses manage operations on the shop floor with collaborative and mobile robots. We provide software solutions to orchestrate and monitor small and large fleets of robots, integrating them into any shop floor processes and monitoring their performance in real-time. Maximise productivity and ROI, with robot fleets orchestrated and monitored by an intelligent software system totally adapted to your specific processes. Bridge Robotics are based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and selling all over Europe.

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