How the MiR250 Hook can help increase productivity in warehouses and fulfilment centres

Logistics industry players from traditional warehousing to 3PLs and new e-commerce startups are moving towards automated processes to boost throughput, cut costs, and meet growing customer demand. The new MiR250 Hook solution from Mobile Industrial Robots is perfectly suited for optimizing processes in the logistics and warehousing industry. Here’s why:

Automates internal cart and trolley transportation

The MiR250 Hook is a user-friendly robot for fully automated towing of carts and trolleys in logistics, retail and ecommerce environments. It collects, tows and delivers carts with up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) in payload and of different sizes, autonomously.

Simple integration with no need to modify existing carts or layout

There is no need to modify the layout of the facility or purchase new carts, since the MiR250 Hook can autonomously locate and attach to almost any type of cart via QR codes or AprilTags and deliver it to its destination without human involvement.

Versatile solution for dynamic environments and changing needs

The versatile solution is easily redeployed to meet changing requirements and to fit different types of carts, trolleys, and transport cages. The MiR250 Hook is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, e.g. towing trolleys with parcels or non-conveyable packages in fulfilment warehouses or sortation centers, and there’s no limit for how many different carts one MiR250 Hook can transport.  

Optimized logistics workflows

The MiR250 Hook navigates autonomously; by sing built-in sensors, cameras and sophisticated software, the AMR with the cart behind it can safely maneuver around people and obstacles in dynamic environments. The MiR250 Hook safely and efficiently travels at speeds up to 4.5 miles per hour (2 meters/second). The speed, high payload and flexibility offered by MiR250 Hook enable companies to optimize workflows that have been difficult to automate until now, leading to significant productivity gains.  


Want to get a closer look at the MiR250 Hook?

The MiR250 Hook is a patented solution and the only towing solution offered for autonomous mobile robots. Want to learn if the solution is what you need to optimize your internal logistics? Get contacted by one of our partners!