How mobile robots tripled a herbal manufacturers’ productivity

Set up in 1992 to spread the word of wellness traditions, Infinitus is a leading manufacturer of Chinese herbal supplements. However, one thing that is not traditional about the company is its cutting edge approach to technology. The company has always been at the forefront of automation and innovation, and has seen impressive production results since the implementation of three MiR robots in its production plant in Jiangmen, China.


Infinitus’ reliance on human labor to transport materials was limiting productivity so they knew they had to automate in order to keep competitive. However, their initial plan to install automated guided vehicles (AGVs) was halted due to the length of time required to lay guidance tracks.



Three MiR200 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were deployed in the packaging production line, where there were more than ten types of material involved in the packaging process.  Unlike AGVs, AMRs use sensors and powerful on-board computers to navigate and can quickly and easily be deployed without any changes in the existing facility layout. With a payload of 200kg and various top modules, the fleet of AMRs was able to improve intralogistics and production levels.


 “Current production levels are 3.5 times higher than before. MiR200 robots are easy to assemble, flexible and don’t require the installation of additional infrastructure. They allow us to optimize human resource allocation and maintain well-balanced workflows in terms of traffic and productivity. The MiR200 robots have met our expectations in terms of flexibility and efficiency, and their unique appeal has been welcomed.”

- Zhou Chaowei, Senior Director of the Infinitus Xinhui Production Center.



Since their launch, the MiR mobile robots have significantly reduced the need for manual labor, freeing up personnel for more advanced technical work like material inspection. This allowed Infinitus to utilize talent more effectively and empowered its personnel to engage in work that creates more value. On top of that, production levels rocketed.


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