Webinar: Transforming FMCG Internal Logistics
Speakers: Clement Yew (Area Sales Manager, MiR APAC) and Volodymyr Vovk (Global Account Director)

Back then, adaptability is seen as a competitive advantage. However, with the constant pressure on the FMCG industry to keep production high and costs low while consumer and market demands fluctuate, adaptability is no longer an advantage, but a necessity for survival.

In this webinar, we will talk about how manufacturers can reduce costly and time-consuming manual material transport by implementing MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).


  • Introduction on MiR
  • Internal Logistics & Automation - Technologies & Trends
  • MiR AMR Solutions Range for Automation
  • AMR suggested touch points in FMCG supply chain 
  • MiRGo - The World of Customized Automation with MiR Partners
  • MiR in the World -We and our partners are close to where you are
  • Mir PROservice - Our PROservice to protect your business
  • MiR Academy - Effectively helping your teams to deploy AMR


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