Webinar: How mobile robots improve production, safety and health

Date: January 20th, 09:00 AM CEST


  • Mobile robots improve production, safety and health - 40 minutes - Fernando Fandiño Oliver, Sales Director Southern Europe & MEA, MiR
  • Needs for automation - robotic automation trends for 2021 - 10 minutes - Diana Davoyan, Marketing & Sales for Southern Europe & MEA, MiR
  • Q & A - 10 minutes

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Automation drives to 24/7 production: There are multiple reasons why modern companies choose automation for the performance improvements needed for competitiveness, production icrease and costs decrease. One of them is that robots create 24/7 automated manufacturing environments and better traceability of operational processes.

Limit/eliminate employee contact with dangerous & heavy machinery: Employee safety and health remain extremely important factors for choosing automation. It´s vital to limit employee contact with dangerous machinery. For example, forklifts account for around 85 deaths every year. Forklift accidents that result in serious injury total 34,900 annually. Non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents reach 61,800 each year. 

Social distancing in COVID19 times: Pandemic is still there. Robotic solutions next to employees are perfect to limit human to human contact and maintain social distancing measures.

Hybrid workforce - human-robot collaboration: Collaborative robots, also known as cobots co-exist with humans in the same environment. With the help of autonomous mobile robots, humans can be liberated from repetitive transport transportation tasks and be redeployed for higher value jobs. Besides, robots help save space in the plants and can be easily integrated into new applications. This is due to their flexibility and in addition, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) do not require any special infrastructure such as magnetic stripes on the floor or else.

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