Danish Disruption Council visits MIR for Inspiration

Several influential persons visited MiR today. Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, and three other members of the Disruption Council want to learn from the practical experiences by the fast-growing robotics industry and incorporate them into the Council's work.

During the visit, the Disruption Council was introduced to our autonomous mobile robots and got to experience the easy programming themselves.

Besides the Minister, the group consisted of the Permanant Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior Sophus Garfiel, Entrepenuer Tommy Ahlers, Chairman of Dansk Metal Claus Jensen, professor Phillip Schröder and the Mayor of Odense Peter Rahbæk Juel. Odense Robotics also participated with a presentation during the meeting at MiR. 

Thomas Visti, looked forward to the meeting and to give the Council inputs for their further work:

"In our company, we have the same challenges as most other Danish companies in the robotics industry, and I look forward to discuss them with the Disruption Council. There is a great potential for our technologies but it can only be realized if we are able to attract qualified labor. We depend on a political ambitious investment in education and infrastructure" Thomas Visti pointed out before the meeting.  


The Disruption Council

The Disruption Council is a council established by the Danish Government in order to meet the digital future and create a Danish business community that is ahead in all contexts. The Council is composed by i.e. managers, ministers, entrepreneurs and representatives from the Danish society.