Increase performance with the MiR250 Hook

Increase the efficiency of internal transportation tasks with the patented extended-payload MiR250 Hook mobile robot solution that automatically picks up, transports and drops off carts with up to 500 kg payload.

The MiR250 Hook is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot solution consisting of the MiR250 AMR and the MiR Hook 250 top module for fully automated pick-up and towing of carts in production, logistics and healthcare environments. The versatile solution can collect carts at different heights, and there is no need to modify your existing carts or your layout when you are implementing the MiR250 Hook.

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MiR250 Hook in action

The MiR250 Hook identifies carts by April Tags or QR codes and autonomously transport them to the appointed destination. MiR250 Hook can also be incorporated into a fleet of MiR robots, and can easily be redeployed to meet changing requirements.


  • Collects and delivers an unlimited number of carts of different sizes
  • Versatile solution that requires no modification of existing carts
  • Robust design ensuring long lifetime
  • Efficient backing routine, all-round navigation, docking features
  • High performance for optimized transportation of carts

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