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Area Sales Manager - Mexico

Do you want to create dramatic growth in the robotics industry?

Independent responsibility for developing the market Mexico

As the sales manager for Mexico, you will gain personal influence in ensuring MiR’s potential is realized. Your task will be to develop sales further through a network of distributors who were established during the company’s first years and who already generate considerable turnover. The network of MiR distributors are the top organizations within the automation industry, and therefore have extensive knowledge of their respective markets and focus on supplying effective, technical solutions.

Your primary areas of responsibility will be to provide support to the distributors, develop them, and above all generate sales. You also know that creating results through distributors is a discipline with many facets. Therefore, your task is to create interest for MiR products among end customers and focus among distributors to sell precisely MiR’s innovative solutions. You will work both tactically and operationally. Your tasks will include preparing market and activity plans, prioritizing focus customers and sectors, evaluating the distributors, and establishing and developing new distributors.

However, the most important prerequisite for your success will be your execution of the job, where in close collaboration with the distributors, you will build an ambitious and realizable pipeline based on a specific market analysis. You will build trust and interest through onsite product training, participate in trade fairs with the distributors, and participants in joint visits and demonstrations at potential end customers. You will take the initiative and lead the way when important deals must be closed and on a daily basis you organize an efficient approach to delivering results by using CRM and your extensive sales toolbox. 

Experience with sales via distributors

There can be several paths to the job, but the most important is that you have already demonstrated visible results within sales and technical products or solutions to the industry in the US – ideally within automation. You are able to create motivation and engagement for your products at the premises of distributors or agents, and you know how important targeted planning and follow-up is for achieving the company’s goal.

You have a commercial education and based on this, you have built up insight into engineering and production, which means you can discuss solutions with both end customers and distributors as their equals. You love to create results and perhaps have been biding your time, waiting for the right career opportunity in an industry and company where dramatic growth is the agenda.

You are extremely driven and have infectious energy and enthusiasm. You also know that long-term results are only created through methodical and persistent effort, which creates trust among the distributors, which means that they use resources and energy precisely on your products.

Products that create interest and a global organization

You have a rare opportunity to become part of an industry and a company where the product always creates a lot of attention. Mobile Robotics is creating widespread recognition and validating that automation is the way forward for continued prosperity. You will become part of an ambitious organization, where a particularly strong technical foundation is already developed with the best commercial competencies and a management and group of owners who aim to be the market leader in a few short years.


If you believe this is your chance to develop personally and commercially together with some of the most talented people in the industry, then send us your application via hr@mir-robots.com marked “Area Sales Manager Mexico” as quickly as possible. For further information, contact VP Sales North America Ed Mullen, at +1 631 553-1666.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Apply before: 28 Feb 2018

Mobile Industrial Robots develops and manufactures mobile robots, which are used in collaborative automation solutions by the biggest industrial companies operating in the healthcare sector worldwide. The company’s unique products, significant synergy with other robotic solutions and above all, its management’s market knowledge, has allowed it to build a sound market presence with 85 dealers in 35 countries and to generate considerable turnover. The potential and the strategic goals are still much higher – the journey is just beginning.


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